Woodwright Lautner Door Chest

SKU: 253397-2315 Category:

Woodwright Lautner Door Chest

SKU: 253397-2315 Category:

Each of the two doors of the Lautner Door Chest feature inset antique mirrors which are accentuated by  decorative metal details in a circular mullioned pattern.
The chest sits atop a bronze-tone metal base in Cherner Bronze, which provides a striking contrast to the mid-tone Lloyd Brown wood finish.

Dimensions In Inches: w-50.24 x d-17.99 x h-35.87
Dimensions In Centimeters: w- 127.61 x d- 45.69 x h-91.11
Weight: lbs.
Furniture Piece: Entertainment

About the Collection:

Collection: WoodWright
With an emphasis on simplistic, linear forms and natural materials, WoodWright calls upon Prairie style architecture from America’s Midwest as its muse, yet modernizes it for today. Striking the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary, the 50-piece whole home collection features clean, unembellished silhouettes in two distinctive finishes that showcase the natural oak and primavera wood grain. Presented with a mix of naturally rich materials, WoodWright interprets this time-hoNred style in a clearly current way.


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