Vintage Salvage Nichols Mirror

SKU: 231122-2812 Category:

Vintage Salvage Nichols Mirror

SKU: 231122-2812 Category:

Like a window to the world, the sleek Nichols Mirror brings instant structure into the room. A rich finish with ornately carved detail. The Nichols Mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. The mirror also comes with supports so that it can be mounted onto a dresser.

Dimensions In Inches: w-45.01 x d-3.01 x h-34.01
Dimensions In Centimeters: w- 114.33 x d- 7.65 x h-86.39
Weight: lbs.
Furniture Piece: Bedroom Mirror

About the Collection:

Collection: Vintage Salvage
Arch. Salvage is a 36-piece collection containing designs for the Bedroom, Dining, and Living categories. Each item is thoughtfully crafted after months spent meticulously researching architectural details from old European structures. The concept was born to address the trend of old elements being repurposed by artisan craftsman into new buildings and furniture. The assortment exudes authenticity. Moldings and posts were derived by doorframes and mantles. Cornice and capital motifs take inspiration directly from decades old structures. Even the hardware is a Nd to vintage touchpoints. The excitement of Architectural Salvage lies Nt only in its broad range of details, but also in its unique blend of highly functional statement pieces. We feel that it’s the perfect way to address what’s become a major trend in today’s decorating landscape.


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