Somerton Spot Table

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Somerton Spot Table

SKU: 303309-0017 Category: Tag:
Dimensions In Inches: w-12 x d-12 x h-22
Dimensions In Centimeters: w-30.48 x d-30.48 x h-55.88
Weight: .lbs
Furniture Piece: End Tables
Style: Transitional
Finish(s): Chalky White
Materials: Ash & Pine Solid, Plank-Effect Flakey Oak and Pine Veneer

About the Collection:

Collection: Somerton
Surround yourself with treasures from the past, viewed through a modern lens. Vintage elements such as statement bed frames and intricately carved wood details draw inspiration from real antiques, refreshed to reflect today’s lighter, streamlined aesthetic. Each piece feels curated, evoking the feel of a collection carefully curated over time with an expert’s touch.


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