Passage King Uph Bed

Passage King Uph Bed

Sweet dreams. Your pillow will be thanking you for giving it such a unique, gorgeous home. Inspired from historical roots, the headboard, footboard, and side rails feature finely tailored fabric upholstery with a nailhead trim. This perfectly contrasts with the authentic hammer marks in the light oak. The upholstery detail is both upscale and neutral, bringing a luxurious yet simple feel to any bedroom.

Furniture Piece: Beds

About the Collection:

Collection: Passage
Take a step back to a time when traveling across an ocean was an occasion. An occasion to pack up not only your bags, but your home as well. Loving the ability to bring your favorite pieces with you on your extended journey. Passage brings the legacy of simplicity and versatility to the modern buyer. The collection features classic hallmarks of the era such as metal brackets and raw materials while updating with soft velvet and organic color. Each piece is a unique work of art showcasing the natural imperfections of the wood and forged metals. Vintage inspiration gives every item in the collection a story. A story of not only where has it been, but where it will go. Join in the journey.


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