Morrissey Bolan Party Chair Bezel

SKU: 218218-2727 Category:

Morrissey Bolan Party Chair Bezel

SKU: 218218-2727 Category:

The inviting upholstered barrel seat is wrapped in a shaped wooden back with a lattice overlay. The back, receded chair rail and fluted legs are finished in glamorous Bezel silver finish, glazed and lightly distressed to bring out the warm undertones of the paint. The chair moves easily on casters.

Dimensions In Inches: w-26.22 x d-28.23 x h-30.24
Dimensions In Centimeters: w- 66.6 x d- 71.7 x h-76.81
Weight: lbs.
Furniture Piece: Dining Chairs

About the Collection:

Collection: Morrissey
It’s all in the details. The beautifully curated detailing of the Deco-inspired Morrissey Collection from A.R.T. Furniture proves once again that less is elegantly more. From jewelry-like custom hardware to the cedar lining of an upholstered end-of-bed storage bench, from the soft glow of silver to the practicality of a hidden USB port, the collection exceeds expectations with a kind of glam that is both striking and highly livable


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